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UK2Numbers ™ - Over two decades of experience providing non-geographic telephone numbers to over 100,000 UK business customers. Featuring a powerful and easy to use online management platform, high quality service with instant number setup & routing. Read More » Phone Setup

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0800 Numbers
£4.95 - Free 0800 Numbers Rental

Increase business enquiries with an 0800 Number and enable your customers to call you free from landlines and mobiles. Growing number of UK companies are using free phone numbers for both sales and support lines, particularly when dealing with consumers.

  • Free phone 0800 Numbers cost from £4.95
  • Free 0800 line rental, with Pay as You Go plan
  • 2 pence per minute for incoming calls
  • Instant number activation and call management
  • Your customers call 0800 numbers free
  • Choice of high quality optional services
Buy 0800 Numbers
0845 Numbers
£9.95 - One off setup cost

There are no call charges for forwarding calls to any UK landline, and monthly rental is free, which makes 0845 a great overall choice for any national business. Suitable where call cost savings are important and as a bonus with all 0845 numbers, free 0345 equivalent is included.

  • 0845 Numbers cost from £9.95
  • Free line rental, no annual line rental charges
  • No incoming call charges for land line diverts
  • Instant number activation and call management
  • Purchase 0845 number for business/b2b sales
  • Range of optional call handling solutions
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Virtual Landline Numbers
£9.95 - No monthly rental

01/02 Virtual Geographic Numbers are perfect for establishing presence in a particular local area, city or town. Even if your business is for example based in Manchester you could still have a London 0208 number attracting calls from south of England. 500+ UK towns to choose from!

  • 01 and 02 Numbers cost from £9.95
  • Free line rental, with Pay as You Go plan
  • 2 pence per minute for incoming calls
  • Get Virtual 01 or 02 phone number for any city
  • London, Birmingham, Liverpool, Leeds...
  • Choice of high quality optional services
Buy 01/02 Numbers
0330 Numbers
£4.95 - No monthly rental

UK-wide 0330 numbers are similar to 01/02 numbers as the cost to caller is exactly the same. As many consumers have inclusive mobile and landline minutes, calls to 03 numbers would be mainly free to your customers. Ideal as a national contact number not tied to any UK city.

  • 0330 Numbers cost from £4.95
  • Free line rental, with Pay as You Go plan
  • 1 pence per minute for incoming calls
  • 0330 / 0333 are suitable for any business
  • 0300 / 0303 for Public Sector + Non-Profit Bodies
  • Your clients benefit from low call cost / free calls
Buy 0330 Numbers
0844 Numbers
£9.95 - One off setup cost

Choose 0844 numbers if you wish to earn revenue on calls you receive. This number range is ideal for companies who wish to be paid for providing product support, advice or technical assistance. Also great for b2b sales lines, where you can partially recover cost of your time.

  • 0844 Numbers cost from £9.95
  • We Pay You up to 4 pence per minute
  • Free line rental and No incoming call charges
  • Instant number activation and call management
  • Cheap to run and operate
  • Range of optional call handling solutions
Buy 0844 Numbers
0871 Numbers
£9.95 - One off setup cost

0871 is the ultimate revenue sharing number, with highest earning potential. Order 0871 numbers if you need to charge callers for the premium rate service or a product you provide. Best suited for call centres and UK business to business sales, marketing and promotions.

  • 0871 Numbers cost from £9.95
  • We Pay You up to 7 pence per minutes
  • Custom rebates for large call volume / traffic
  • Regulated by Phone-paid Services Authority
  • Free fax to email service as standard
  • Range of optional call handling solutions
Buy 0871 Numbers
Choosing the right telephone number is easy! Our recommendation is to get an 0800 number, free to call or low call cost 0333 / 0330 number. For establishing a presence in a particular UK city or town you should get virtual landline number (01/02). If call cost savings are important, then 0845 number is a great choice as there is nothing to pay for forwarding calls to any UK landline. 0844 or 0871 are best for earning revenue from the calls you receive.

Another cool feature we provide is when you buy 0845, you get a matching 0345 number free.

Call Services for 0800, 0845, 01/02, 0844/0871 and 03 Numbers
Advanced Services To improve the efficiency of your business number inbound call handling we offer a choice of optional call management and call forwarding services. Simple to setup and easy to use, our rock solid call handling solutions are available for all virtual geographic and non-geographic numbers. To learn how you can enhance your Business Phone Line, visit Call Handling Services.

Common Features - Applicable to All Numbers
  • No minimum contract. Cancel at any-time.
  • 14 Day full refund policy on all purchases.
  • Free line rental.
  • Instant number management.
  • Memorable phone numbers available.
  • Choice of optional advanced services.
  • Optional Services mostly priced as a one-off fee.
  • 7 days a week email support.
  • Custom pricing for large orders.
  • Dedicated Tier 1 UK Based Carrier.
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We are UK2Numbers ® ™ - Established in 2002 as a Licensed Telecom Service Provider & Network Operator who provide low cost telephone numbers to medium and large UK businesses. We provide our customers with quality service and cost effective numbers. UK2Numbers has direct access and is currently managing range of telephone numbers allocated by OFCOM consisting of 0845 Business, 0800 Numbers / Free Phone numbers, 01 / 02 Landlines, 0871 / 0844 Revenue, 0330 / 0333 / 0300 / 0303 UK Wide and premium rate services. To learn more about our services and products please visit Support section or read our Non Geographic Numbers guide.
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