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0845 Telephone Numbers
0845 Telephone Numbers
Call Management Services
To improve the efficiency of your inbound call handling we offer a range of optional call management and call forwarding services. UK2Numbers services listed below are available for all non geographic number ranges: 0800, 0845, 01/02, 03, 0871/0844. Examples on this page are for 0845 numbers range.

Divert to UK Landline telephone number
0845 to Landline 0845 number diversion to UK landline service allows you to change the landline where your 0845 non geographic number is delivering calls to - usually required when moving office or when you wish to forward 0845 calls to another landline.
Divert to UK Mobile phone number
0845 to Mobile For people on the move - route calls to your mobile phone at any time. When someone dials your 0845 number, the call will be directed to a mobile phone number you specify. Low mobile rates and FREE Advanced Reports and Statistics with 0845 call forwarding to any UK mobile phone.
Divert to International landline or mobile phone number
0845 to International Gain a UK presence with Local Rate 0845 number even if you operate your business from overseas. We deliver 0845 calls to international landline numbers and international mobile numbers at highly competitive rates. FREE Advanced Reports and Statistics with international diversion.
Divert to Skype-In telephone number
0845 to Skype You can use Skype for business with our 0845 to Skype-In service. Use any of our 0845 numbers for marketing campaigns and forward the incoming calls to your Skype-In number.
Divert to VOIP phone number
0845 to VoIP Diversion to Voice Over IP service allows you to route 0845 incoming calls to your UK VoIP number. By combining VOIP technology with UK2Numbers services you can enjoy the convenience of call delivery directly to your PC. Setup any non-geo number to forward calls to your VoIP number and enjoy the benefits of VoIP technology.
Divert to Non-Geographic Number
0845 Call Forwarding Diversion to Non Geographic Number service allows you to divert an 0845 number or 070, 0800, 01/02, 03, 0871/0844 number to other non geographic numbers.
Unlimited Routing
Unlimited 0845 The Unlimited Routing is our most popular service as it provides access all other online Advanced Call Handling services and is specifically designed for the instant and ultimate control of your inbound telephone number.
Fax2Email - Fax to Email
0845 Fax via Email UK2Numbers online Fax to Email service allows you to receive faxes as 'PDF' documents attached to an email and delivered to your email address. You can choose any 0845 number to serve as your dedicated Fax to Email number.
Voicemail - Direct Divert to Voicemail
0845 Voicemail If you have just started your business and do not have a landline or mobile number to receive calls or you need a company information line, you can divert all 0845 calls to voicemail directly. When someone dials your 0845 number, the call will be instantly routed to your voicemail box.
Voicemail - On Busy / No Answer
0845 Busy Voicemail Are you finding it difficult to answer all the calls you receive? When someone calls your 0845 number while you are out of the office or already engaged on another call, this service will divert an incoming call to your voicemail. You can specify how many times the phone should ring before the incoming call is routed to your voicemail.
Voicemail to Email
0845 Voicemail to Email When your 0845 number is engaged or unanswered our Voicemail service can take the call and email the caller's message straight to your email address. Voicemail to Email can be attached to most of our other services and you can even record your own greeting and upload it to our system.
Call Whisper
0845 Call Whisper Call Whisper service will allow you to distinguish between private and business incoming calls or between different 0845 numbers if you have more than one. As soon as you answer the call you will hear a Call Whisper message informing you that the caller has called your 0845. The call will then be connected between you and the caller. You can also record your own Call Whisper message and upload it to our system.
Call Recording
0845 Call Recording Call Recording service enables you to record all your incoming calls. Recording of phone calls is done at our network level eliminating the need for call recording hardware or installation of recording equipment.
When Busy Routing - On Busy / No Answer Route Call to another Landline or Mobile
0845 When Busy If you have several people answering calls on different lines you could set up a Hunt Group on your 0845 number. An incoming 0845 call would be routed to line-1 and if line-1 is engaged or there is no answer for 'X' number of rings, the call will be routed to the next phone line in your list, and so on.
Dial-In Plan Switcher ™
0845 Plan Switcher This service is useful if you do not always have internet access but you still need to frequently switch between pre-defined call plans. Dial-In Plan Switcher service enables you to divert your non-geo number to another pre-defined Call Plan at any time, anywhere, immediately, without visiting our web site.
Time of Day Routing
0845 Time of Day Time of Day Routing service enables you to divert your Non Geographic Number to different UK Landline numbers depending on the hour of the day and /or the day of the week.
Custom Caller ID - DDI CLI
0845 Custom Caller ID Custom Caller ID service will show your 0845 number on your caller display when the incoming call comes through. This enables you to see which calls are coming directly through your 0845 number, which is useful if you run more than one business from the same landline or mobile, or if you wish to differentiate between private and business calls.
Call Reports and Statistics
0845 Reports Monitor the success of your marketing campaigns with our 0845 Call Reports and Statistics. If you have a different non-geographic number for each advertising campaign you could compare the effectiveness of your adverts and adjust your marketing strategies accordingly.
CLI / STD Area Code Routing
0845 Area Code Routing CLI / STD Area Code Routing service enables you to route calls to different locations based upon the calling party's CLI / STD area code (physical location). This is normally used for routing customers to your nearest branch office or sales outlet.
Call Ratio Routing
0845 Call Ratio Split 0845 calls between your multiple landlines or office locations so that every landline receives predefined percentage of your daily call traffic.
UK Call Conferencing
0845 Call Conferencing Choose between our dedicated Call Conference number with instant access + no signup or go for Ultimate Business Call Conference solution, with your own dedicated 0845 Conference number.
Custom Made Services
Should you require a custom combination of any of the above services or to discuss service costs please contact the UK2 Numbers Support team.

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