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Time of Day Routing

Set up an 0845 number to deliver calls to one destination during the day and a different one in the evening and throughout weekends with our Time of Day Routing Service (TOD). You can combine this service with Direct Diversion to Voicemail and Busy Voicemail services.

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Service Description - Time of Day Routing

Time of Day Routing service enables you to divert your Non Geographic Number to different UK Land Line numbers depending on the hour of the day and /or the day of the week.

How it Works - Time of Day Routing

You may wish to divert your Non Geographic Number to your office land line number from Monday to Friday between 9:00h - 17:30h, for example, and all other times to your home or call centre land line number.

Time of Day Routing - Add-on services
Direct Diversion to Voicemail

You can also choose to have all your calls diverted directly to voicemail at a specific time of day (for example out of working hours) or for the entire day (on weekends).

Busy Voicemail for Time Of Day

Adding Busy Voicemail to your Time of Day (TOD) specification will enable automatic diversion to Voicemail after a specified number of rings if your currently active TOD call plan is busy or there is no answer.

How to order Time of Day Routing service:

To order the Time of Day Routing service for your Non-Geographic Number:

  1. Go to "My Account" section of the website
  2. Click on the "Time of Day Routing" link from the left menu under the title "ADVANCED ROUTING"
  3. Choose the number or numbers for which you wish to order the Time of Day Routing service
  4. Follow the on screen instructions

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