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STD Area Code Routing

Route 0845 calls depending on the location of the caller to your nearest call centre with UK2Numbers STD Area Code Routing Service (also known as Exchange Routing service). This complex service is mostly suitable for large corporate organisations with multiple office locations or call centers.

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Service Description - STD Area Code Routing

STD Area Code Routing service enables you to route calls to different locations based upon the calling party's STD area code (physical location). This is normally used for routing customers to your nearest branch office or sales outlet.

The system works by examining the STD area code of the calling party (out of a possible 650 STD codes) and then routing the call to the appropriate diversion number for your office as specified by you.

How it Works - STD Area Code Routing

If you receive a call from a client based in London (0208/0207) you could route the call to your London office. If, however, the client calls your number from Manchester (0161), you could route the call to your Manchester office. You would also have the option of routing any calls originating from unspecified/unknown locations or mobiles to your central office or any other nominated default number.

How to order STD Area Code Routing service:

To order the STD Area Code Routing service for your Non-Geographic Number please contact the UK2 Numbers Support team.

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