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Call Ratio Routing - Percentage Call Distribution

Setup call routing percentages and route 0845 calls depending on the number of available staff members at a particular office location. This complex service is mostly suitable for larger organisations with multiple office locations or call centers.

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Service Description - Call Ratio Routing

Call Ratio Routing service enables you to route calls to different locations based upon pre-set distribution ratios between your land line numbers. This is normally used for distributing an equal or unequal amount of calls between several land line numbers or office locations.

The system works by counting every call you get via an 0845 in real time and delivering that call to the appropriate land line number based on the pre-set percentage as specified by you.

How it Works - Call Ratio Routing

Let's say you have one main 0845 number for two office locations and you wish each office to receive an equal amount of calls each day. In this scenario the service setup would deliver 50% of calls to one office and 50% of calls to another office. In an another example you could have one office in London with 50 members of staff and another office in Leeds with 20 members of staff. In this case you would setup the service to deliver 67% of the calls to London office and 33% of the calls to understaffed Leeds office. In practice this means that every 3rd call you receive via your 0845 would go to Leeds while the other three would go to London. This scenario can be applied to any amount of offices or land lines you currently have and you can order any distribution ratio of calls required.

How to order Call Ratio Routing service:

To order the Call Ratio Routing for your Non-Geographic Number please contact the UK2 Numbers Support team.

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