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For people on the move - send calls to your mobile phone at any time. The supported options are: 0800 to mobile, 0845 to mobile, 0330 / 0333 to mobile and 01 / 02 virtual landline to mobile. Divert to mobile is most commonly used if you do not have office landline or you are often away from the office.

With mobile divert, Advanced Call Reports and Statistics are included at no extra cost.

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What is Divert to Mobile?

Divert to Mobile is a service that can be applied to any of the numbers, like 0800, 0845, 01/02, 03, 0871/0844. The service simply enables you to set or change the termination number for your non-geographic or geographic phone number so it sends calls to any UK mobile.

For example, when someone dials your 0800 number, the call will be forwarded to a mobile phone number you specify. 0800 forwarding to mobile simply means that 0800 number is setup to deliver calls to mobile phone number. 0845 number forwarding to mobile works exactly the same, just like all the other numbers we provide.

Please note: With forwarding calls to mobile will be charged a pence per/minute rate for all incoming calls. You can choose between Pay as You Go and Pay Monthly price plans.

All major and all virtual networks supported:

Divert 0800 Number to EE 0800 Routing to O2 Mobile Route 0800 Numbers to Vodafone Divert 0800 to Three 0800 Number Call Forwarding to Virgin
How to order Divert to Mobile service:

To order the Divert to UK Mobile service for your Non-Geographic Number:

  1. Go to "My Account" section of the website
  2. Click on the "Divert to UK Mobile" link from the left menu under the title "SIMPLE RE-DIVERSION"
  3. Choose the number or numbers, for which you wish to order the Divert to UK Mobile service
  4. Follow the on screen instructions

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