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When you are unavailable or engaged on another call, calls to your 0845 number can be taken by our Voicemail to Email service and emailed to any email address. You can configure Voicemail to Email as a stand-alone Direct to Voicemail service where all calls to your number are forwarded to Voicemail or as add-on to our other services.

Available as an add-on service for Dial-In Plan Switcher, Time of Day Routing, When Busy Routing and Call Queue service.

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Service Description - Voicemail to Email / Intro Voicemail

If the Voicemail to Email service is enabled the incoming call will be forwarded to your voicemail box whenever your landline or mobile is engaged or unanswered. Alternatively the Voicemail can be instructed to forward all incoming calls directly to your voicemail box. If you have access to mobile email you can setup our Voicemail service to deliver voicemails straight to your mobile phone inbox. You can take advantage of our default voicemail greeting or create your own custom recorded greeting message. Recording a custom audio greetings is very easy using your computer or any other equipment capable of recording WAV format sound file.

Furthermore our Voicemail can utilise two different operating modes:

1. Default Voicemail to Email mode, where all messages are emailed to you.

2. Optional Intro Only mode, where only your greeting is played to the caller.

Intro Only mode: Voicemail can also be setup to play your default intro/greeting message and then disconnect the call so that the caller is unable to leave the message. This is useful for service information lines or out of hours messages where you just wish to provide the caller with a message. An example of such setup would be: "Our offices are now closed, please call back between 09:00 and 17:30.". Another example would be a dedicated information line that advises customers of current weather or road conditions or any such similar information service.

How it Works - Voicemail to Email

Voicemail to Email service includes the ability to:

  1. Specify your voicemail forwarding email address.
  2. Record your personal greeting announcements.
  3. Set delay in seconds before the call is forwarded to Voicemail.
  4. Setup Voicemail as "Voicemail to Email" or "Intro only Voicemail".
  5. Enable or disable Voicemail.
For your convenience you can view and print these instructions from our on-line control panel at any time.

How to order Voicemail to Email:

To order the Voicemail to Email service for your Non-Geographic Number:

  1. Go to "My Account" section of the website
  2. Click on the "Voicemail" link from the left menu under the title "SIMPLE RE-DIVERSION"
  3. Choose the number or numbers for which you wish to order this service
  4. Follow the on screen instructions

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