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When Busy/No Answer Routing (Hunt Group Routing)

If you have several people answering calls on different lines you could set up a Hunt Group on your 0845 number. When the first phone line in your list is busy or there is no answer, after 'x' number of rings call will be routed to the next phone line in your hunt group list.

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Service Description - When Busy Routing to Mobile or Landline

When your primary Landline line or Mobile number is engaged or there is no answer after 'X' number of rings, this service will divert the incoming call to another Landline or Mobile Number(s). Default setup allows you to nominate 3 (or less) Phone Line numbers for the "When Busy" diversion service.

'X' number of rings - You can specify how many times your phone will ring before the call is diverted to the next nominated phone number. Default number of rings is 4.

When Busy Service supports landlines or mobiles or combination of both, however, if one of the When Busy line options is a mobile number all calls to your 0845 will be charged at mobile rates.

How it Works - When Busy Routing

If the primary termination UK Landline number is busy, the call will be diverted to the UK Landline number supplied under Option 1. If Option 1 number is busy, the call will be diverted to the UK Landline number supplied under Option 2, and so on...

When Busy Routing - Add-on services
Voicemail as a last call option for When Busy Routing service

If all your landlines are busy or there is no answer after specified number of rings, call will be redirected to voicemail.

Additional When Busy Routing options

Additional When Busy call plan options can be added to the service specification if you have more than 3 landline numbers you wish to use. You can have up to 100 extra call plan options on top of the basic specification.

How to order When Busy Routing:

To order the When Busy Routing service for your Non-Geographic Number:

  1. Go to "My Account" section of the website
  2. Click on the "When Busy Routing" link from the left menu under the title "DIVERT WHEN BUSY"
  3. Choose the number or numbers for which you wish to order the When Busy Routing service
  4. Follow the on screen instructions

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