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We are the first company in the UK to offer 0871 numbers at ground breaking prices, while still providing clients with the highest level of service.


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* Special 0871 Number offers, including free 0871 numbers are subject to availability and Terms and Conditions.

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Revenue from 0871 numbers
Minutes per Month
Special 0871 Range
Your Revenue (pence per minute)
0 - 50,0006.00p6.00p
50,001 - 100,0006.20p6.20p
100,001 - 200,0006.40p6.40p
200,001 + - 7.00p7.00p
Minutes per Month
All other 0871 ranges
Your Revenue (pence per minute)
0 - 50,0004.00p4.00p
50,001 - 100,0004.20p4.20p
100,001 - 200,0004.50p4.50p
200,001 + - 7.00p7.00p
0871 Rebate in detail
  1. Earn 0871 Rebate with guaranteed payments from an established and reliable telecom provider.
  2. You will receive from 4 and up to 7 pence per minute for every incoming call you receive during the peak hours (8am-6pm Monday to Friday). We also pay 4 to 7p for every off peak call you receive. Our Special 0871 numbers will provide you with maximum income for your company where the rebate starts from 6 pence per minute. All 0871 numbers come with free line rental and no minimum contract terms.
  3. Free 0871 Numbers available for large orders or volume commitment.
  4. Per second rebate calculation. The rebate payment starts as soon as the 0871 call is answered.
  5. 0871 number is diverted to your actual telephone number and when you move office you can take the 0871 number with you. 0871 Numbers can easily be re-diverted to any landline or mobile.
  6. Once you sign-up with UK2Numbers you can change your mind without worrying about the fine print. We offer 14-day full refund on all the numbers purchased.
  7. Money back from your 0871 calls is paid directly to your bank account every month by our automated billing system. Please see our terms and conditions for the exact details of our VAT and non VAT rebate payment options.
  8. No new telephone lines required and no need to change your existing telephone numbers or supplier. We activate all the numbers normally within 10 minutes.
  9. We provide free of charge online access to your 0871 call reports. This way you can monitor how much income you have generated and how customers respond to your adverts.
  10. Call costs for the caller are detailed in our Call Costs Guide.

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions we would like to hear from you. Our customer support department is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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