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We are the first company in the UK to offer 0871 numbers at ground breaking prices, while still providing clients with the highest level of service.


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* Special 0871 Number offers, including free 0871 numbers are subject to availability and Terms and Conditions.

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Recommendation Rewards
Recommendation Reward Programme - Terms and Conditions
In these terms and conditions the following words shall bear the following meanings:-

We – UK2Numbers.
Third Party – The company / business you recommend.
You – You as our Customer.

Recommendation Reward – How does it work?

You need to become our customer before you can take advantage of our Recommendation Reward programme. By making just one recommendation you could earn more money than you would earn by receiving 4p per minute on peak calls for a whole year! Here is how it works:

Payment of commission:

If an order placed by a third party is not cancelled, 20% of the number purchase price will be credited directly to you.

For Example:
1. If the organisation you referred purchases two numbers priced at £29.95 each, you will receive £11.98, which is 20% of £59.90.

2. If you recommend 10 companies and they each purchase one of our special numbers, you will receive £399.90.

Minimum payment of commission is £10.00. Please see full Terms and Conditions from the control panel link.

You can check your balance at any time from our on-line control panel:
User Options / Recommendation Reward

You do not need to notify us of any clients you recommend. Just ensure you give them your recommendation reference to receive your commission. When an order from a recommendation has been confirmed and processed, you will receive an email informing you of the new commission earned.


To qualify for the Recommendation Reward the third party you recommended:
(a) Must not be you or be related to your existing UK2Numbers account.
(b) Must not be your own company, part of your company or your company group or any other company you own.
(c) Must not be related to any of the details we hold about you.

If we detect fraud or misuse of the Recommendation Reward programme, we reserve the right to cancel all your payments and suspend your service. We can stop the Recommendation Reward programme at any time without prior notice. If we do so, your outstanding commission balance will still be paid in full. The Recommendation Reward programme is subject to the third party not cancelling their purchased number(s). The Recommendation Reward programme applies only to number purchases and it excludes all our special offers and promotions.

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