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What is an 0870 number?
An 0870 number used to be known as a National Rate number, but in January 2009 BT reduced cost of calling 0870 numbers to zero, so 0870's are now free to call from most BT landlines depending on the call plan. We recommend 0870 numbers for advertising, marketing and sales lines. For after sales and complaints lines we recommend 03 and 0800 numbers.
Is UK2Numbers better than other 0870 providers?
» We do not route calls via inferior quality SIP or VoIP lines - our calls are routed via BT using the highest quality connection available in the UK. Most other providers use VoIP to route your calls and as a result call quality may not be perfect.

» Our fully automated 0870 number management system is unique, executing your re-diversion and service setup requests instantly online. With other provides you might have to wait for hours, even days, before they can connect, re-divert or setup a service on your number.

» All our 0870 numbers come with no monthly line rental for a connection to UK landline or mobile on our default Call Plan 1. Other providers often introduce monthly line rentals and call charges few months after you purchase the number. We have not had any price increases for the past 13 years.

» We provide valuable optional advanced number management services when you need them.

» We offer a 100% 14 day money back guarantee on all numbers ordered, in case you are not completely satisfied with our services.

» 93% of the customers who register on our site purchase a number from us.
What costs are involved in 0870 service setup?
0870 number setup cost starts from £9.95 (limited time special offer) and includes divert of calls to any UK landline or mobile. Line rental is free on our default Call Plan 1 "Pay as You Go" tariff. Remember, though, that you bear all the costs of the incoming calls. Charges for our optional advanced and basic services depend on your exact requirements.
Can you divert an 0870 number to my mobile phone?
Yes. We offer 0870 Diversion to Mobile numbers or international destinations as part of our advanced services program. We can provide 0870 call forwarding to T-Mobile, Orange, Vodafone, Three, O2, Virgin and all other UK Mobile networks and you can choose between Pay as You Go and Pay Monthly price plans.
Do I have to pay anything when people call my 0870 number?
Yes, delivery of 0870 calls to UK landlines costs 2p/min.
Are there any charges for using your advanced and basic services.
All our extra services are provided as optional. To have your 0870 number forwarding calls directly to landline or mobile you would not need any of them. However, if your organisation needs to take thousands of calls per day, you may want to consider some of our extra services, like queuing systems, custom diversions and re-diversions or Voicemail. Charges for our advanced and basic services depend on your exact requirements. Please contact us for further information.
How many 0870's can I buy?
We do not impose any limits. However, if ordering more than 50 numbers please contact any member of our staff.
What does it cost for someone to call an 0870 number from within the UK?
We do not control the cost of calls to 08 numbers, but generally calls to our 0870 numbers from most BT landlines are totally free from anywhere in the UK, subject to BT's Calling Plan terms of service.
How can you provide numbers with no line rental?
Independent research done by Alexa Inc (an Amazon.com company) has shown UK2Numbers to be the market leaders in provision of 08 numbers. Our business strategy is to keep the costs to our clients as low as possible and still provide the highest levels of service. This is why 93% of the customers who register on our site purchase a number from us.
How do I buy an 0870 number?
Our website online ordering process is simple, quick and very easy to use and you can also browse a selection of 0870 numbers. Simply visit our 0870 Home Page.
Do you provide telephone support?
We only provide email support. Our strategy is to keep costs at a minimum so you can enjoy provision of the cheapest 0870 numbers in the UK. All emails are answered immediately or on the same business day. We have a team of people dedicated to answering your questions 24/7, day and night, including weekends and Bank Holidays.
How long before my 0870 number is active?
All 0870 numbers are activated instantly after you place an order and after your account details are verified. We also process all advanced service requests received on the same day. However, if we receive unusually high numbers of orders, it could take up to 24-48 hours for your advanced service order to be processed. We do not advise that you print any advertising / promotion / stationery material until your number is fully setup and active.
Will our old numbers still work?
Yes, your current/existing telephone numbers will work just as before. Our service will not modify or affect your existing phone services in any way.
Do I need a new telephone line installation?
No. There are no additional equipment costs involved in operating the 0870 numbers supplied by us. You can use your existing telephone line.
Can I choose a memorable 0870 number.
Yes, we have thousands of memorable 0870 numbers, located under special 0870 number category (suitable for TV advertising).
Is the number mine for life / Is there a Minimum Usage Requirement?
You can keep an 0870 number for as long as you require it, providing it is used. Minimum Usage Requirement for all our numbers is 3 minutes per month after the initial 60 days of operation. This requirement is applicable to all numbers except: Numbers with Unlimited Re-Diversion service, 08 Fax to Email numbers and 03 or 0800 numbers which are not on Call Plan 1 tariff. If you no longer wish to use it just let us know so we can amend our records. Numbers in breach of Minimum Usage Requirement will be subject to £4.95 Low Usage fee as detailed in our Price List and our contract Terms and Conditions. You can also cancel your number at any time from your online account control panel as we do not have any minimum contract terms.
I already have an 0870, can I switch to/from UK2Numbers?
Yes, we can transfer most 0870 numbers to/from our service. Porting applications cost £149.95 per number. For example, porting BT 0870 Numbers to/from our service is quick and easy, please contact us for details and costs.
Can 0870 be used for a fax machine or is it for telephone calls only?
All our 0870 numbers can be used for both voice and/or data calls (i.e. fax or telephone).
Can I reserve an 0870 now and tell you my diversion number later?
Yes. You can order / reserve your 0870 number now and tell us the number you want to divert it to later if you're setting up a new phone line and / or don't know your termination number yet.
Can I cancel my number anytime?
Yes. All our 0870 numbers are free to cancel at any time. We do not impose a minimum contract and there is no cost to cancel.
Can you reach an 0870 number from abroad?
All our 0870 numbers can be reached from abroad as normal by dialling +44 xxx xxx xxxx. Please note that some smaller international telecom providers do not support calls to UK non-geographical numbers.

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